Hi, I’m Ben Langfield project manager for Position Property.   For the Previous eight years I was Qld director of Colliers International Residential, a multi-National real estate company.

I just want to talk a little about my experience with Find Yourself in Nature

…so if you asked me what well known motivational book or seminar was available,I had read it, attended it and I’d even walked the hot coals. I had become what we call “successful”.

However, as the years went by I found myself down a path where I had to continually pump and build myself up and was finding it harder and harder to face daily life. Finally,I decided I needed help, something that I now realise that successful people find really hard to do!



Through the processes and mentoring I engaged through Terry, and working with him both out in Nature and in his studio, I became aware I was living an illusion. I had created a person who I was not and was trying to live a life that wasn’t really mine!He also helped me to see that the harder I tried to keep this image up,the unhealthier I became. My ego was clearly writing checks that my body couldn’t cash!

After working with Terry,I began to understand who I truly am and what works for me. I am healthier, have a sense of purpose, and I now live life like I’ve never experienced before , and  continually receive more opportunities than I’d ever dreamed possible, rather than  life and work driving me!


In order to live the life I now live, one of the key things Terry instructed me, was to stop listening to my incessant mind chatter of negative thoughts, become truly present, reconnect with nature and listen to how the universe wanted to support me. I was initially sceptical about this as it was so different to anything I had experienced before. I thought if I do thisI could lose everything I had worked so hard for. I would lose my identity!


I now see that this has not only worked well for me, but that if I had continued operating  the way I was, I would have been a very unhappy, a very unhealthy and mentally unstable person. It was tough doing the work, but now I am now so glad that I did.

Terry is a true healer and mentor, and is very skilful in the holistic approach that he takes.

He has helped me change my life for the better, forever.

Ben Langfield