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"I was introduced to Terry and his services through a mutual friend. At that time I did not know he ran Find Yourself programs but it quickly evolved from seeing Terry initially due to physical discomfort. "

October 27, 2016

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To provide a unique service that creates a reconciliation of “modern”men and women with Nature, it’s time honoured laws and tenants, sustainability for all living things, and the incredible gifts of balance, clarity and healing she offers all of us.

To acknowledge and find direction on this path from the ancient wisdom of Australia’s Indigenous culture, its beautiful spirituality, and Mother Nature herself. And, to bring into popular view, new respect towards this information (The Dreaming) as a way forward for all Australians.

To create new and sustainable ways of living and working, that respect not only our health and wholeness, but also the health and wholeness of the planet that gives us life.


Our belief and also our observation is that by deepening our connection with Nature and developing an ongoing, supportive, two-way dialogue, we open ourselves to another way of living and another way of being. This way of living and being reflects a closer alignment with our “Original Natural Design”, and as a result harmony and sustainability emerge.

Our belief is that time honoured, sustainable templates of living have always existed, and that many of us, in our process of disconnecting from Nature have become alien to and forgotten these sustainable ways. By reconnecting to Nature and using these experiences to find our true selves, we can more clearly make decisions that reflect a partnership between our own true nature or original design, and Nature itself. We offer ourselves as working models of this belief and are wholeheartedly engaged in our own journey with Nature, enjoying health and wholeness, and accepting guidance from Nature.


To provide authentic, personalised ways of reconnecting to Nature while finding clarity and truth for the self as reflected in the natural landscapes you engage.To honour you and your journey with the highest possible respect for the outcomes you wish to create, and the possibilities that may emerge from your future as a result.As a team we aim to provide you with:

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  • Outstanding opportunities in Nature
  • Natural techniques and processes
  • Inspirational service
  • Support and encouragement
  • Kindness and consideration
  • Excellence in all we do.

And above all, to help you Find Yourself in Nature

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