Terry began conducting youth retreats in Nature in 1978, commenced study of natural therapies in 1982 and has been in full-time practice since 1985 when he founded the Ashgrove Sports Injuries Clinic. He has a gift for understanding how things work, and the insight to be able to explain things to you in simple terms, enabling you to take better control of your own health.

Terry has studied and lectured extensively and is qualified in Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture, Herbs, Dietetics, Massage and Manipulative therapy), Nutrition (Sports, Weight Loss and Optimal Health), Sports Injuries Management, Structural and Spinal Balancing (Joint and Soft tissue Realignment), Counselling, Professional Supervision and Energy Healing.

Terry is also a Certified Life Coach and Wholistic Business-Life Mentor allowing him to guide clients in life transforming sessions for professional and personal development. He loves facilitating the release of blocks and restrictions to personal freedom, and allowing people’s natural gifts and talent to rise above the saboteurs they have in their life. He conducts these sessions both in the clinic and outdoors in Find Yourself in Nature programs.

Terry is a “Health Enthusiast” and takes every opportunity in his own life to apply the principles that he shares through the practice. “Walking the talk” is one thing you will find at Nature Therapies.

He is a passionate Organic Gardner and believes that fresh, natural, nutritious and chemical free foods are the cornerstone of health and vitality, just ask to see the backyard! He is still actively involved in running, mountain bike riding, gym, bush walking, kayaking, surfing and snow skiing, and brings his enthusiasm for fitness to those wishing to improve their exercise profile.

Terry has designed and conducted seminars and presentations to groups and conferences on the topics of stress management, healthy lifestyle, mind body and spirit integration, back care, childhood nutrition, spirituality and reconnecting to Nature. He created and taught the Sports Injuries Management course for postgraduate natural therapists at two local natural therapy colleges. His speaking engagements have included keynote presentations at the Woodford Folk Festival and both Catholic and Queensland Education Department Conferences.

Terry is a family man and is married to his teacher wife Dianne and has two grown up children Rebecca and Samuel. Terry’s first commitment is to health within family life and seeing that they enjoy the best of balance, life education and of course, freshly grown organic produce!

Terry’s specialty is being able to use his 30+ years of experience to offer a truly holistic overview of your health, from the consideration of the Body, Mind, and Spirit and help you facilitate profound changes in your physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Terry believes wholeheartedly in our body’s incredible ability to heal.

Identifying and changing any nonbeneficial influences, engages that incredible ability for you.

Terry Hitzke
Certified Life Coach

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