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"I was introduced to Terry and his services through a mutual friend. At that time I did not know he ran Find Yourself programs but it quickly evolved from seeing Terry initially due to physical discomfort. "

October 27, 2016

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Find Yourself in Nature provides Wholistic Business-Life Mentoring and one-on-one, couples or group personal discovery adventures into Nature, to help you move gracefully through work and life’s transitions and create balance and harmony.
A Find Yourself in Nature retreat can facilitate one of life’s most valuable processes:
regaining a sense of your true self to get clarity and peace, before making life changing decisions.

Have you lost direction and meaning in life or work? Are the old ways not working anymore?

Do things need to change?

If you are noticing you just don’t feel yourself anymore. That you are expending massive energy, resources and time for what appears to be a diminishing return, and what was supposed to be challenging, fun and rewarding has now become demanding, then these are the early warning signs that maybe you or your work are heading in the wrong direction.
Find Yourself in Nature provides Nature based adventures and retreats with follow-up professional supervision and mentoring to help you find what is natural within you and gain clarity about how to move forward more sustainably.

Find Yourself in Nature Experience

The first thing you hear from inside your cosy sleeping bag is a symphony of birds performing their dawn chorus to the background of a trickling stream. Clean, fresh air fills your nostrils with smells of the bush and you open your eyes and gaze out to the raw beauty of nature – the special place you decided to call home last night. The city feels a million miles away as the pleasant contrast in your senses and psyche begin to integrate and you imagine the day in front of you.Somehow you feel different, and you like it! The problems and discussions of yesterday seem to reassemble in a better way now that your mind is calm, and your senses, which have been saturated with the beauty, visions and “touches of nature”, are clearly eager for more.…………

About Find Yourself in Nature

Hi, I’m Terry Hitzke and I’d like to share with you the story of how Find Yourself in Nature came into being, and along the way answer many of the questions you might have.
I was sitting under a she-oak, perched high on Indian Head at Frazer Island in 2005, when I received the thought that changed my life and career. Now owner/director of Find Yourself in Nature, I was then co-director of a large multi-disciplined natural therapy practice in Brisbane. As the breeze gently stirred the she-oak fronds to song and the sun glistened off the ocean, I was reflecting how energised, alive and healthy I felt after four days of solo retreat into my most favourite place. I was musing about bringing this energy back for my patients and team, and how effective and enjoyable I had always found my work after fully recharging the batteries, when out of the blue came the thought: “Why don’t you bring them up here? Imagine how effective you could be working with them like you’re feeling now!” And then smiling broadly I thought “Yeah, why not? I’d love that, and I reckon they’d be blown away by what it could do for them. Why shouldn’t they come up here and experience this? “